Let’s keep Brighton green and leafy.

WHY MORE TREES? The environmental benefits of planting trees are comprehensive: trees capture carbon, provide shade, regulate the microclimate, support wildlife, reduce air pollution and reduce flooding. In addition, trees improve our own health and wellbeing and provide a more pleasant living environment. Brighton and Hove’s trees are particularly special because we host the National Elm Collection. Natural barriers and local people’s concerted efforts have protected them from elm disease and now the city is home to some of the rarest varieties of elms in the world. Our street trees, urban woods and parks are, however, under threat from disease, old age and climate change. Significant budget constraints within the Council mean that there are only limited funds available to replace old or diseased trees or to add new ones to the city’s tree population. Plant Your Postcode, with your help, can halt the decline in our tree population and provide a lasting leafy legacy for many generations to come.


Plant Your Postcode is a volunteer-led project initiated by CPRE Sussex in association with Hove Civic Society and supported by the National Lottery, the Rampion Fund at the Sussex Community Foundation, and Moda Living. Working with Brighton & Hove City Council, and in line with the Council’s emerging Tree Strategy, we aim to plant new trees and replace old or dying ones to increase tree cover across the whole of the Greater Brighton area.

green grass and trees during daytime
focus photography of green plant at daytime


Working with Brighton & Hove City Council who organise and carry out planting, we aim to plant new trees and replace old or dying ones to increase tree cover across the whole of the Greater Brighton area. There are plenty of ways you can get involved! AS A COMMUNITY GROUP, GET PLANTING! If you are a resident’s association, community group, or similar organisation with at least 5 members or a local business or charity and you would like to see more trees planted in your area then get in touch. It’s vitally important that the younger generation are aware of our city’s tree legacy so they can help protect it in the future. Help your local school to fundraise for trees and get our school children involved in growing and planting trees or simply just help our children to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of the benefits of trees to the environment and well-being.

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We Guide You

We are there to guide you through the process from start to finish: liaising with Brighton & Hove City Council to organise a survey to see if the proposed site is suitable, supporting you on your fundraising journey providing guidance (in conjunction with Brighton & Hove City Council) as to appropriate tree species for your street or park, putting you in contact with the correct team at Brighton & Hove City Council who will order the trees and arrange for their planting on your behalf. You will also be provided with information as to the care and maintenance of your trees and all trees planted are provided with an aftercare package to ensure their longevity. Make a difference with a one-off donation or make regular donations by standing order. You could sponsor a tree or even a whole street to help grow our city’s forest!

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We have a limited number of free trees which will be used for deserving sites but most community groups will need to raise their own funds to cover the costs of planting trees in their area. This is a volunteer-led programme with limited resources; so, we are unable to assist individuals who would like to see a tree planted on their street or park. If you would like to see trees planted in your area why not find some other tree loving friends and form a community group or support our project generally by donating to Plant Your Postcode. You can help identify trees in your area needing help or attention or you could perhaps take on a research project. Get in touch if you have some time to spare to help look after our beautiful trees. Planting trees is a well-recognised way to off-set your carbon footprint. Encourage your business to embrace its corporate responsibility and join our tree planting revolution.


A carbon offset is an action or activity that compensates for emissions of carbon dioxide (or other greenhouse gases). Carbon offset schemes enable individuals, communities, companies or governments to voluntarily contribute to an organization which supports projects such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation. For instance, if it is not possible for someone to avoid a flight, they can purchase a carbon offset, the funds of which will be used to prevent or remove the emissions elsewhere. There are many schemes available, more information can be found here.